Board of Control

The Library Board is an all-volunteer body of local citizens. The Police Jury appoints the Library Board, with each juror appointing the member from his/her district. Library Board members serve 5 year terms, with one possible renewal. It is the responsibility of the board to set library policy, oversee the financial functions of the library and to hire the director. The Library Board meets each month, on the third Tuesday of the month, at 3:30 PM, usually at our administrative offices.





Office & Committees



Term Expires





June Arrington

P.O. Box 5

Tioga, LA  71477

PH:  640-2947

Cell:  880-7061




July 9, 2021

1st Term



Dana Cox

312 Ryan St.

Boyce, LA  71409

PH:  793-2680

Cell:  715-2680


Long Range Planning

October 12, 2021

1st Term


Michael Fairbanks

38 Libuse Cutoff Rd.

Pineville, LA  71360

PH:  447-1010


Chair, Personnel



September 1, 2023

2nd Term


Lana J. Havens

166 Havens Rd.

Elmer, LA  71424

PH:  659-4549


Chair, Long Range Planning



July 10, 2021

1st Term




Le’Anza D. Jordan

5214 Sarah Street

Alexandria, LA 71303

PH:  448-3684


Chair, Finance


September 13, 2020

2nd Term






Office & Committees



Term Expires





Linda McMahon

4207 Pecan Drive

Alexandria, LA 71302

PH:  487-4200



Chair, Properties



September 12, 2021

2nd  Term


Ralph Roach

8011 Hwy 3128

Pineville, LA  71360

Cell:  318-664-1702




September 14, 2019

1st Term



Morris Taft Thomas

3617 14th  Street

Alexandria, LA  71302

PH: 318-442-3812

Cell: 318-452-2423


Long Range Planning


October 10, 2020

1st Term




Gregory Walker

5134 Hunters Grove Lane

Alexandria, LA 71303

PH:  445-4516 (w)




September 1, 2022

2nd Term


Laura-Ellen Ayres, Director

411 Washington Street

Alexandria, LA

PH: 445-6436 x1001

        Ex Officio




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