Frequently Asked Questions about the Library

What do you offer, other than books?

Plenty! We also offer the latest editions of several magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, maps, CDs, movies, and more.

How can I get a PIN?

Your pin may be obtained or changed at the circulation desk of any of our branches.

What if I return an Item Late?

An overdue fine will be assessed for each working day an item is late being returned. Click above to see the fines.

What If I'm Not Done When the Item is Due Back?

Most Items can be renewed for two additional loan periods if they are not on a request list. Items may be renewed by telephone or online.

Do I Have to Return an Item to the Same Branch From Which I Checked It Out?

No. Any of our items may be returned to any of our locations.

How Long May I Check Out an Item?

How long you can borrow an item depends on the type of item. For most items the amount of time you can borrow the item is three weeks.

What are your hours?

Hours vary by location check the page for your nearest branch or library to find out when they're open.