Friends of the Rapides Library

Who Are Friends of the Library?

We are people interested in having a strong library system in Rapides Parish.  We operate as a non-profit organization.  We share a common concern for literacy and for the Library.  As a library patron who is familiar with the Library's resources, you can be the kind of Friend who helps develop a better library system for all of us.  We have one large Friends group which serves the entire parish.  In addition to this group, we also have Friends groups at the Johnson (Lecompte) Branch, the Glenmora Branch, the Boyce Branch, and the King Branch.  Friends of the Rapides Library are your neighbors, your family, your grocer, and even your doctor!

What Do Friends of the Library Do?

We sponsor free and interesting literary programs for the community.  Friends provide the Library with priceless volunteers as well as with extra funding for books, furniture, and equipment.  Friends of the Library promote the belief that good library service is vital to everyone. They are ready to serve the Library in any way possible.  A quarterly newsletter helps them stay informed of the many happenings at the Library.

Where does Friends generate their funding?

The three main sources for our funding are minimal membership dues, book sales and generous donors.  We have an Annual Summer Book Sale, and we operate a used book store called BookEnds.  BookEnds is located inside the Martin Branch of the Library.   These used book sales are important sources of income for the Friends of the Rapides Library, and they are a creative way of recycling unneeded library materials.

How Can I Join Friends of the Library?

Anyone can sign up for a Friends membership!  Just fill out this form.  You can print it directly from the blue link, or you can get it at any branch of the Rapides Parish Library, the Annual Book Sale, or at BookEnds.  By being a member, each individual contributes to the tradition of excellence in library service that we all enjoy and appreciate.  One of the many benefits you will receive is knowing you can give back a little something to the library which has given you so much over the years.

Membership Fees