Policies of the Rapides Parish Library


File Size
3-D Printer Policy 201705.pdf 64.08 kb
Art Display Policy and Agreement.pdf 440.34 kb
Code of Ethics.pdf 280.06 kb
Collection Development Policy Appendix A Bill of Rights.pdf 277.5 kb
Collection Development Policy Appendix B Freedom to Read.pdf 207.89 kb
Collection Development Policy.pdf 292.32 kb
Conflict of Interest Policy.pdf 261.17 kb
Credit Card Policy.pdf 41.96 kb
Customer Privacy Policy.pdf 149.89 kb
Display Case Policy.pdf 266.16 kb
Electronic Resources Access and Internet Safety Policy.pdf 383.62 kb
Employee Handbook.pdf 338.49 kb
Investment Policy.pdf 72.5 kb
Materials Circulation Policy.pdf 311.58 kb
Meeting Room Policy.pdf 228.24 kb
Mission Statement.pdf 161.93 kb
RPL Long Range Plan (Short).pdf 203.27 kb
Records Retention Policy.pdf 317.04 kb
Religious accommodations policy.pdf 397.98 kb
Rules of the Rapides Parish Library.pdf 68.03 kb
Sex Offender Policy.pdf 403.56 kb
Weapons Policy.pdf 47.25 kb
unattended and disruptive children policy.pdf 267.71 kb
wireless access policy.pdf 280.89 kb