Policies of the Rapides Parish Library

3D Printer Policy

The Rapides Parish Library will be offering 3D Printing to the public at the beginning of May, 2015.

American Library Association Bill of Rights

The American Library Association affirms that all libraries are forums for information and ideas, and that the following basic principles should guide their services.

Board of Control By-Laws

These are the by-laws of the Rapides Parish Library Board of Control

Board Policy Manual

Policies for the Rapides Parish Library Board of Control

Code of Ethics

The principles of this Code are expressed in broad statements to guide ethical decision making.

Collection Development Policy

The purpose of this policy on collection development for Rapides Parish Library is to guide in the selection, retention and removal of materials and to inform the public about the principles upon which selections are made, based on the Rapides Parish Library Mission Statement

Collection Development Policy, Appendix A

The American Library Association Bill of Rights is Appendix A to the Rapides Parish Library Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Policy Appendix B

The freedom to read is essential to our democracy.

Conflict of Interest Policy

In compliance with LSA-RS 42:1119 which prohibits the Library from doing business with Board members or their families, the following employees of the Rapides Parish Library will be required to complete a Conflict of Interest form annually:

Credit Card Policy

Because of their job responsibilities, certain employees are assigned a credit card that is to be used only for purchases for the Rapides Parish Library. Employees with a credit card will provide the Business Manager with the original of the receipt for each purchase made. The employee should keep a copy of each receipt. If the receipt is lost or misplaced, the employee should contact the vendor and request a duplicate copy.

Customer Privacy Policy

The legal custodian of records for the Rapides Parish Library is the Library Director. As the legal custodian of records, the Library Director is the person responsible for responding to any request for library records or information about a library customer.

Display Case Policy

The Rapides Parish Library display case is a tool by which the Library supports its mission of providing an opportunity to individuals/organizations to share art, various collections or informative information with the community. The library seeks assistance from community organizations and individuals in furthering this mission. The presence of a particular display in the Library does not necessarily indicate that the Library either advocates or endorses the viewpoints of exhibits or exhibitors.

Display or Distribution of Non-Library Informational Materials Policy

From time to time, the Library is asked to post or make available for distribution announcement flyers or other materials from organizations or individuals promoting their activities or points of view.

Electronic Resource Access Policy

The Library staff provides assistance with the use of library resources, collections, and materials, including a basic introduction of electronic resources.

The Freedom to Read

The freedom to read is essential to our democracy. It is continuously under attack. Private groups and public authorities in various parts of the country are working to remove books from sale, to censor textbooks, to label "controversial" books, to distribute lists of "objectionable" books or authors, and to purge libraries.

Investment Policy

The duly appointed members of the Rapides Parish Library Board of Control are the fiscal body of the Library and thus are responsible for the finances of the Rapides Parish Library. The members serve without compensation.

Long Range Plan

See the plan for what's coming up at your library.

Materials Circulation Policy

The purpose of this policy on materials circulation for Rapides Parish Library is to guide in the circulation of materials, based on the Rapides Parish Library Mission Statement.

Meeting Room Policy

The Rapides Parish Library meeting rooms are used for Library (or Library sponsored) activities (programs, conferences, seminars, and exhibits.) Meeting rooms are also available to other groups of a civic, cultural, charitable, fraternal, social, educational, or religious nature. Businesses and groups may use the rooms for non-commercial purposes: staff training, informational presentations on issues of public interest, etc., but not for sales presentations, billable services, club bake sales, etc.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rapides Parish Library is to promote lifelong learning, enhaced quality of life, and literacy through print, audiovisual and electronic resources. The Library staff ensures that all citizens receive the maximum value from available informational, educational, cutural and recreational resources.

Records Retention Policy

In accordance with R. S. 44:405, and with the Administrative Procedure Act R. S. 49:950 et seq., the Department of State, Division of Archives, Records Management and History has adopted LAC Title 4, Part XVII Records Management Policies and Practices to provide official guidance for state agencies in establishing and maintaining an active records management program as required by R. S. 44:410 et seq.

Rules of the Library

The Board of Control of the Rapides Parish Library, in order that the Library may operate and be administered in the best interests of the citizens it serves, publishes and posts these rules applicable to Main Library, all branch libraries, the bookmobile and other facilities of the Library.

Sex Offender Policy

In accordance with its by-laws, the Board of Control of the Rapides Parish Library has adopted on this 16th day of October 2012 the following policy for the purpose of compliance with the statutory mandates set forth in La. R.S. 14:91-2.

Unattended and Disruptive Children Policy

The Rapides Parish Library welcomes the use of its facilities and services by children. However, the safety and the welfare of children left alone in the Library is a serious concern of the Library Board of Control and the administration. Children’s disruptive behavior can have a negative impact on other Library customers.

Wireless Access Policy

The Rapides Parish Library offers free wireless access for library customers to use with their own personal devices. This service is filtered to comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act.

Weapons Policy

Carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon, as defined in R.S. 14:2, on Rapides Parish Library property, is not permitted.