Because of their job responsibilities, certain employees are assigned a credit card that is to be used only for purchases for the Rapides Parish Library.  Employees with a credit card will provide the Business Manager with the original of the receipt for each purchase made.  The employee should keep a copy of each receipt.  If the receipt is lost or misplaced, the employee should contact the vendor and request a duplicate copy.

Credit card receipts should be turned in to the Business Manager immediately after the charge has been made.  In cases where charges are made in connection with a trip involving the use of a Travel/Expense Reimbursement form, the receipt should be attached to the form and sent in at the conclusion of the trip.

Credit card purchases over $1,000 are required to have a purchase order number assigned by the Business Manager.  The employee is to contact the Business Manager before making the purchase.

Purchases made by an employee without a receipt being provided to the Business Manager are not allowed.  If the Business Manager determines a purchase has been made with no receipt turned in, the following actions will be taken:

1st occurrence – The Business Manager will request that the employee furnish a receipt (or copy) and remind the employee of the credit card policy.

2nd occurrence – The Business Manager will notify the employee’s supervisor about the occurrence and the employee will be asked to provide the receipt.

3rd occurrence – The employee’s supervisor will be notified and the employee’s credit card will be subject to cancellation.

Purchases made for other than Rapides Parish Library purposes are not permitted.  If an employee intentionally or otherwise uses the credit card for personal use, the following steps will apply:

The Business Manager will notify the employee that a non-Library charge has been posted to the card’s account, and will furnish that employee with a copy of the charge.

Reimbursement by the employee is to be made within three (3) days of notification or the Library makes payment to the credit card company, whichever occurs first.

The Business Manager will notify the employee’s supervisor of the misuse of the card and a note will be placed in the employee’s personnel file.

A repeated unauthorized use of the card will subject the employee to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Adopted by RPL Board of Control May 21, 2004

Ratified existing: Feb. 15, 2011