Rules of the Library

The Board of Control of the Rapides Parish Library, in order that the Library may operate and be administered in the best interests of the citizens it serves, publishes and posts these rules applicable to Main Library, all branch libraries, the bookmobile and other facilities of the Library.

          No person, whether an adult or minor, shall do anything that disturbs other customers or prevents them from enjoying the use of the library inside the buildings, on the grounds, sidewalks or parking lots.  Neither shall Library staff be expected to tolerate such behavior.



Library managers interpret these rules and make decisions.  Persons in violation of these rules may be restricted from use of certain services or areas of the Library, or may be barred from the Library for a period of time or permanently, depending on the severity and/or frequency of the offenses.  Persons refusing to leave the Library premises for rules violations may be subject to arrest and prosecution. 

The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property.

Adopted by the RPL Board of Control, January 22, 2009