Support Services

Running a library is a lot more work than just checking in and out books and that's where our support services shine. Support services do the background work from purchasing the books, to making sure they get where they need to be, as well as borrowing books from other libraries to increase the books our customers can borrow.

Contact Information

Technical Services: 318/442-1858 ext. 1040
Loans Department: 318/448-8125 ext. 1074
Acquisitions: 318/442-1858 ext. 1070


== Technical Services ==
6:00-5:00 Monday - Saturday
== Loans Department ==
8:00-5:00 Monday - Friday

Support Services Staff

Wesley Saunders: Assistant Director for Support Services
Ext. 1044

Angela Lee: Loans ManagerĀ 
Ext. 1074

Lisa Salard: Technical Services Manager
Ext. 1040