Non-Fiction and Educational eBooks for Children and Teens

What is my username and password?

To use this service you will have to login twice. On the first login screen the username is rapides and the password is library. On the second login screen, use your library card number.

To go to the eSebco site click here (or go to


What does eSebco offer?

eSebco offers access to non-fiction and educational content aligned with Common Core State Standards.

Do I check anything out?

No all content is accessed through a web browser or iOS app. (Internet connectivity is required to view content.)

How do I place a hold on a title?

There is no need to place a hold because all content is accessed online there are no checkouts and no need to place a hold on anything. You can access any of their content any time and place you have an internet connection.

Who is this for?

eSebco is primarily targeted at children and teens.