Robertson Branch Under Construction

Published on: 2015-08-21

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The Robertson Branch has been in this classy little building since 1982. From this angle you can barely tell anything is going on. This is the only wall that will be left untouched by the improvements.

the one wall that will be left alone

Truckloads of dirt have been brought in to make the new addition level with the existing building.

that's a lot of dirt

Big trucks and heavy equipment means a lot of noise, but library people don’t mind the sound of progress.

the many roaring diesel engines of progress

For all the dirt and racket, it still didn’t seem like a big deal until they started tearing down walls.

tearing walls down to build new ones

We sometimes use staff as units of measurement. As you can see, the new foundation will be approximately one Jo Ellen tall.

Our foundation is built on our staff, almost literally

From the parking lot, we look like the library of the apocalypse. Despite appearances, we have stayed busy throughout the first stages of construction. In fact, most of our patrons are as excited as we are about the expansion.

Side View with tractor

This wall, and the one above will be where most of the new construction is added.

front view

The expanded parking lot is beginning to take shape here. Work is being done on both sides of the existing parking lot, restricting how much space is available. For now, staff and contractor vehicles can be found parked on most of the grassy areas surrounding the building.

future parking lot

Pipes are being laid and trenches dug. The foundation will be coming soon.

pipe is being laid

Taken from across the street, this picture shows the gravel outline of where our new drive-thru will be located. With all of these improvements we will maintain the same classy look we have always had, but significantly increase the services we provide.

future Drive Through

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