As part of an initiative called “My Community Cares,” the Pelican Center for Children and Families (https://www.pelicancenter.org/index.html) is partnering with numerous service providers and community partners to conduct a voluntary and anonymous survey designed to understand what types of services, resources, and supports are available to parents and caregivers and identify those needed most in their communities. At the completion of the survey, interested parents and caregivers are also given the opportunity to request help finding services, resources, or support as well as to sign up to meet with other community members for support, to find out about available resources, and to advocate for community needs. This survey allows parents and caregivers an opportunity to express what their family and community needs to be safe, stable, and self-sufficient, which is critical for us to more effectively serve and advocate for them.


It should take you about 10-15 minutes to complete this survey. You will be asked to rate how much you need assistance obtaining or accessing various items and how much your community needs various items. Then you will be asked general demographic information about yourself, including relationship status, household composition, and employment status.

You may choose not to participate in the survey or particular questions in the survey or to withdraw from the survey at any time without penalty or loss of any benefit to which you might otherwise be entitled.

After you complete the survey, you will also have the opportunity to ask that someone follow up with you to try and help you find one or more of the items you indicated needing help accessing or obtaining. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to note whether you are interested in meeting with other community members for support, to discuss available resources, and to advocate for your community’s needs.


You are eligible to participate if you are a parent or primary caregiver of a child, and you are over the age of 18.


You are not eligible to participate if you are not in a parenting or caregiver relationship with a child and under the age of 18.


There are no risks for participating in this study and your responses will remain anonymous. However, if you want one of the My Community Cares partners to contact you and try to help you find assistance in meeting one or more needs noted in the survey, you will be allowed to make this request at the end of the survey. The study results may be published, but no names or identifying information will be included in any publications. Subjects identity will remain confidential unless disclosure is required by law.


This study has been approved by the Louisiana State University (LSU) IRB. For questions concerning participant rights, please contact the IRB Chair, Alex Cohen, LSU, at 225-578-8692 or irb@lsu.edu.


If you have questions for the Pelican Center or My Community Cares, please contact Jenny Forrest at mcc@pelicancenter.org. If you have questions about the study, please contact Dr. Catherine Moon, LSU, at 225-578-0275.