Please dial 318-445-6436, and then your parties’ extension at the prompt.

Celise Reech-Harper

Ext. 1001

Wes Saunders

Assistant Director Support Services
Ext. 1044

Karla Kirby

Programming and Outreach Supervising Librarian
Ext. 1906

LennĂ¡ Mouton

Direct Services Coordinator
Ext. 1002

Kendra Bertrand

Admin Asst. Supervisor
Ext. 1003

Stacy Dubrock

Business Manager
Ext. 1004

Jacqueline Brown

HR Manager
Ext. 1006

Jennifer Quebodeaux

Payroll & Benefits Administrator
Ext. 1005

Sandie Buller

Public Relations Officer
Ext. 1007

Janie Primeaux

Systems Manager
Ext. 1050