Customers of the Rapides Parish Library may be any resident of Rapides, Grant, Avoyelles, Evangeline, Allen, Vernon, LaSalle, or Natchitoches parishes. Proof of address is required. If the customer cannot provide proof of address, the library card must be mailed to the customer. In this case, only two items may be checked out at the time the card is issued. Library cards may be used at any Rapides Parish Library branch. Borrowed materials may be returned to any Rapides Parish Library branch.

Customer types:

  • Adult: Age 18 and older
  • Teens: Ages 13-17
  • Children: Birth to age 12
  • Staff
  • Bookmobile
  • ILL Client
  • Child Development Centers
  • Institutions
  • Guests (out-of-service area)
  • Temporary (Evacuees, etc.)
  • Homebound Delivery

Persons who live outside of the eight parish area, but who work or attend school in Rapides Parish are also eligible. Persons who neither live, work nor attend school in Rapides Parish and who live outside the eight parish area may obtain a library card for an annual fee of $17.00, the per capita support to the Library of Rapides Parish residents. People who are here temporarily must be in the area at least six weeks in order to obtain a library card.

Circulation Periods

All customers must use their own library cards. If a customer wishes to check out items on another person’s card, they must present both their card and the other person’s card. The customer’s own card must not be blocked in order for them to check out for the other customer. No more than 25 items may be checked out at one time per library customer. Outreach customers (BK, RC) will have items checked out for them consistent with the schedule of the service.

The circulation period for each type of library material is:

  • Reference – Not circulated
  • Requested books (2nd customer waiting) – 2 weeks
  • New Books (Adult) – 3 weeks, 5 maximum
  • Books – 3 weeks
  • Kits – 3 weeks
  • Magazines – 3 weeks, 10 maximum
  • Audiocassettes – 3 weeks
  • Compact disks, MP3-CDs or Playaways – 3 weeks, 5 maximum
  • DVDs or Blu-Rays – 3 weeks, 5 maximum
  • Electronic Resources – 3 weeks
  • Videocassettes – 3 weeks
  • Equipment – 1 week
  • Laptops and Hotspots – 1 week


Items may be renewed for two additional loan periods if they are not on a request list. Items may be renewed by telephone at any branch or online. Laptops and hotspots are not renewable.


With the exception of laptops and hotspots, we are a fine free Library!

Patrons will receive notice of overdue books and after 45 days the items will be considered lost. Lost items will need to be returned, or paid for prior to checking out additional library material.


  • Late Fine: $10.00 per day with no grace period or fine forgiveness
  • Damage Fine: $25.00 per occurrence
  • Missing laptop bag: $45.00
  • Missing AC Adapter/Power Cord: $75.00


  • Late Fine: $10.00 per day with no grace period or fine forgiveness
  • Damage Fine: $25.00 per occurrence
  • Missing Case: $20.00
  • Missing AC Adapter/Power Cord: $25.00

Customers will be charged for lost or stolen library cards at the rate of $0.50 for minors and $2.00 for adults.

Access to Public Computers

All customers who qualify for a library card (see above) are required to have one in order to access the public PCs. Guests, who live outside our service area, and who are here temporarily, are provided with temporary access.

Inter-Library Loans

With regard to the Library’s lending and borrowing items from other library systems (interlibrary loans), the Library is a part of the State Library of Louisiana’s inter-library loan network, and will follow the State Library’s guidelines.